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Looking north at modern Upper Water Street
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Looking north at modern  Upper Water Street
Buses replaced wood buildings fronts triangle common land with granite horse trough. I remember O'Leary and Lea fish wholesalers where I saw fishermen use block & tackle to get a large halibut up on the wharf. I worked next wood wharf office north,Imperial Oil Ltd. back of Atlas Tire and barrelled products streetfront warehouses (new grey bldg. and white vehicle) supplied by the Dartmouth refinery's wood-hull lighter, S.S.Shatford (not a steamship, named for S.S.Shatford who sold his N.S. oil business to I.O.L.,). Part of the dark brick and stone I.O.L. Mkt. Div. (Mgr. W.W.Shatford) behind small tree on the left streetside became a new building's lower facade with Imperial Oil Limited still carved over the door. Also I'm missing the pawn shops, Scotia Feed warehouse, and the Harbour Tavern (no women allowed) where the only food offered was dried, salted smoked herring and pickled eggs. Would buy two small glasses of beer (11¢ ea.); give 25¢, change was waiter's tip. 
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Captured: Apr 6, 2018
Uploaded: May 1, 2018 (UTC)
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