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Uncut and with 10 MP in size... ...freehand at 23 mm equivalent focal lenght (15 mm with the 12-24 mm zoom). Is there any lens which I could attach to a Foveon camera that can deliver this detail and sharpness on the very edge of the frame at the same field of view and without noticable color shift? This picture is only interesting at full size - for pixel peeper... (AdobeRGB! - please check your color management, if it looks dull!) ...look at the 3D people on the meadow - Original size needed! ;-)
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Captured: Dec 24, 2012
Uploaded: Dec 27, 2012 (UTC)
Focal length: 15 mm
Shutter speed: 1/160 sec
Aperture: F6.3
ISO: 200
Exposure comp.: -0.30


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Yes, and it was shot hand held, on a windy day, as a snap shot on a stroll...
...maybe it would hit a 100 score, if I would have used a tripod with timer.

It was really a long and carefull decision to go for Samsung...
...after all, it were the lenses they provide, which made me buy into the system, beside the 20 MP APS-C sensor, which I consider the optimal pixel count, for the sensor size at the current technology and the actual lens properties.

The NX300 is a winner for sure...
...I see the only drawback in the missing view finder, so I will probably go for the NX30 if I'm able to hold the pressure not to buy the NX300...

The lenses are optically top notch (if You get a good copy) I have used the 70 mm Sigma macro on my Sigma, which is one of the sharpest lenses ever made...
...and I adapted it for Samsung.

It is real fun - especially without SPP! :-)


Neither Sony lens nor Sony ergonomics could convince me - and I tried it several times...

Jun 4, 2013

Very sharp. If Foveon DP2M was a 100, this one would be an 90 score at least. Not bad for a Bayer. It's like a much more expensive top of the range DSLR.

The sensor of NX200 and all its derivatives like NX210, NX20 and NX1000 is an award winning sensor in my opinion, and paired with Samsung's lenses, is a perfect match. IMO there is always this fine grained sharpness that sets them apart from other camera brands in the APS-C category, aside from Fuji.

I have been pixel peeping Sony Nex images mainly because I still like their features and build/form factor, but until today, I still say Samsung wins in IQ.

May 24, 2013*