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"Call me...maybe"
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"Call me...maybe"
Thru the OVF they appeared almost strutting; the trainer stepping backwards, the two captives in front attentive and eager to interpret his commands. I took the shot without knowing and before you could say "Andy Murray could win Wimbledon" they were up the hill and gone; strangers in the park. The salesperson gave me her usual cheerful quip "that's really nice", so I asked if she could do 10x12 instead of 8x10; "yes" she replied, the coupon was a free print. I think she was bowled over by the colours and probably a dog lover as well. Yes, the colours show impressively bright, the players so well staged; but it's the third dog, sitting down behind the trainer, that captured me. Did he choose that sunny spot, or was it by chance? and is he thinking "no no, not again" because he has been thru this drill so many times?; or is he being retired soon and can't help panting "call me...maybe". You can't teach an old dog new tricks, can you?. Geoy.
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Captured: Jun 24, 2012
Uploaded: Jun 29, 2013 (UTC)
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ISO: 200
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