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Condor B/W, in the Gulfstream
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Condor B/W, in the Gulfstream
SORC, Miami to Nassau Race.
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Uploaded: Oct 17, 2012 (UTC)
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Larry Moran

I think your frame of reference is rather limited. I was not on another boat. I was in a jet helicopter. I made about $50K from photos taken that day. This is just one of them, recently scanned from its 30 year old negative.

Real sailors can feel the power of boat and sails from photos, so for them, photos can be more dynamic than you might imagine. Those sailors were my primary audience and my customer base.

Jan 18, 2013*

Magnificent boat and nice photo but .... viewpoint in priciple much to high. Ideally, the horizon should be behind the boat's hull. But then, of course, one must no doubt dispose of a another boat to take the image from. Moreover, sailboat images are generally more interesting and have more impact when taken at a 3/4 angle (front or rear) from the leeside of the boat.
Success for next time, will be watching out !

Jan 17, 2013