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RED One Off Leica Redesigned
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RED One Off Leica Redesigned
А: In line with the apparent design dialect (cleaning things up), given there is no functional separation between the top and the display, we eliminate the "false" frame line.The "honest" line at the bottom of the display stays, as functionally the bottom appears to be removable. Б: The flat area to the left of the display appears to be solely a printing surface for the labels. It kicks the design off its balance, making the camera look heavy on the left. An ugly compromise on what is suposed to be a product of few compromises, certainly from the design perspective. В: ...Which brings us to the question: Do we even need those buttons labeled? We photogs know our cameras and can operate them by touch without looking. None of these buttons` functions are destructive on first press (even delete would presumably ask for a confirmation), and press-and-hold can easily be made to display the legend / labels lined up with these buttons on the rear monitor.
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Uploaded: Oct 11, 2013 (UTC)
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Well-done. Your design is cleaner and better balanced.

Oct 13, 2013

... The front buttons have no labels, the zoom buttons have no labels. We want to be clean and consistent. Everything screams "eliminate the labels".

Г: Premium products don't need loud branding. Small and tasteful is the way to go.

Д: Speaking of useless labels, "Info" is almost comically so. Everything is information, so by saying "Info" it is not giving us any. On the same note, everyone knows how 4-way switches operate, we do not need a tiny arrow (or dot!) reminding us that left is left, right is right, top is top, bottom is bottom. Eliminate.

Е: This appears to be an activity LED. If so, illuminate the gap around the, um, "INFO" button instead, and eliminate the separate LED "hole feature".

-- Sasha Karasev

Oct 11, 2013*
Oct 11, 2013