Pretec 12 GB Compact Flash

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Audio for film and video..

There are quite a few flash based professional digital audio decks out now designed for capturing dialogue and foley for film production and video. These device are nearly bulletproof because of the lack of moving parts, and last several hours on a single charge due to their low power consumption. They are rapidly replacing DAT due to their improved reliability and non linear access abilities, and are more robust that Hard Drive recorders on location (i.e grueling heat and moisture, not to mention altitude).

Movie and TV people will be buying the 12GB Pretec cards like hotcakes, and probably end up paying for the initial production start-up costs in doing so. Next year this time we'll all be getting them for $399.00.


John Nicholson wrote:

I'm interested in learning why anyone would consider purchasing
this CF card at the staggering price of $14,900.

I assume that potential users (presumably only professionals) must
have a need to take several hundred RAW photos without changing
cards but I'm struggling to come up with examples of where this
type of requirement would exist?


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How dumb is that???

4GB Compact Flash card has debuted, but Kanguru is the first to
release a 4GB flash drive. The KanguruMicro 2.0 drive can even hold
8GB data, assuming 2:1 data compression.

If this is a true new trend, it's an extemely dumb one...

Let's think about the kind of data people put in their compact flash cards...

Pictures (often JPEG, nicely fractally and psychovisually compressed already)
MP3 (psychoauditary compression)
MPEG video (Psychovisual and psychoaudiatry compression).

So maybe** it works for some forms of RAW image, but only maybe... If the manufacture is using encryption or compression, then it isn't going to work....

Next time I want to buy a compact flash card to store my 8Gb uncompressed text file I'll jump at the offer...

Excuse the sarcasm and thanks for the warning,


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