mobilography- Art for the 21st Century!

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mobilography- Art for the 21st Century!

Art photography inside the mobile phone? Mobilography confidently answers - YES! New technologies inevitably give birth to new tendencies in art. Things that seems a simple entertainment at first sight soon turns to works of classical art.

Mobilography (mobilis-lat., grapho-greek) – is the version of photographic art at which uses as a tool electronic devices with built-in digital camera (originally not intended for professional photographing) such as mobile phones, pocket personal computers, compasses, field-glasses, lighters and so on. Anyone who once shoot with the mobile phone with built-in digital camera or pocket PC automatically becomes a Mobilographer.

The World Mobilography Society has been organized in spring of 2004 with the purpose of association every and each Mobilographer all over the world, and adjustments between them of friendly communications with the help of modern means of communications. As are organizations of Mobilography’s festivals and exhibitions all over the world, and as consequence of strengthening of friendship and trust between peoples of the different countries.

Every human being can become a member of the World Mobilography Society. The procedure of entering is as simple as can be. The future member have to mail the pictures made with the mobile phone camera to with added info: name, surname, city and country of residing, a place of shooting, the brief description of work and an e-mail address. The most vivid and interesting works will be exhibited on the World Mobilography Society actions and published.
mobilography- Art for the 21st Century!

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