Lens rental at Vistek in Toronto

Started May 10, 2004 | Discussions
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Lens rental at Vistek in Toronto

For my fellow GTA members:

I've rented the 24-70mm f2.8 L lens twice now at Vistek and I was wondering if anybody else has.

During both my rentals, I put over 800 images through the lens, and I have to say I'm very disappinted in the sharpness of this lens. Now I know there are some lemons out there on this particular lens, and I'm wondering if Vistek is renting one of the lemons.

Anybody else rent this lens, and can help me out? I shot primarly widepoen (f/2.8) as the nature of my shoot was indoor low light. I shot all over the focal lenght, and noticed closer to 24mm was noticable soft and OOF.

Thanks in advance!

Paul S.
Canon EOS 10D

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