Letter-winged kite

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Letter-winged kite

Bergfalke4 posted a thread on black shouldered kites a few days ago. Here's one on its cousin from the far outback of Queensland, AU from many years ago. We were on a biology field trip to study the kite, which is the only hawk that hunts at night.

Adult letter-winged kite at rest

It gets its name from the M or W on the underside

Dive-bombing the photographer at 60 mph!

Bringing home the bacon to the nest

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Mikel10 Forum Pro • Posts: 11,096
Re: Letter-winged kite

Beautiful series. Thanks for sharing.

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bergfalke 4
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Re: Letter-winged kite

Great set.

I like #3 the dive bomb pic.

#4 would have been a challenge to take.



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OP tctyin New Member • Posts: 10
Re: Letter-winged kite

@bergfalk4  Yes, #4 required a strobe light triggered by an infrared detector. Not the sort of thing one carries around normally.


John Photo Senior Member • Posts: 1,283
Re: Letter-winged kite

Very nice. I don't believe I've ever seen one before.

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