Anyone getting strange Live View behavior on X1Dii?

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Anyone getting strange Live View behavior on X1Dii?

I'm on the latest firmware for the Hasselblad X1Dii.

I've been trying to use the rear screen in vertical orientation and the camera just forces use of the EVF. It doesn't make sense, and this hadn't happened before.

So when I'm in landscape orientation, the live view works. When I rotate the camera, the rear screen turns off and it switches to the EVF. I can make the rear screen again if I put my eye up to the EVF and then back off which is an annoying process.

Note that the camera must be relatively leveled. I noticed the rear screen won't turn off when at an extreme vertical angle (looking up or down) but as soon as you level it, it turns off.

Is anyone else that has the X1Dii with the latest firmware able to reproduce this?

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