Fisheyes- TT-Artisans 11mm vs Samyang 12mm?

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jmbillings Contributing Member • Posts: 692
Fisheyes- TT-Artisans 11mm vs Samyang 12mm?

Any opinions on these two fisheye options?

From my googling so far, the Samyang is "stereographic" projection, which is slightly unusual and leads to a slightly less "fishy" look for the same FOV... however is a DSLR design and thus larger and heavier. 
The TT looks well made and seems to review well and is smaller/lighter.

Is one notably better / worse than the other for sharpness / CA / corners or are they much of a muchness?

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Re: Fisheyes- TT-Artisans 11mm vs Samyang 12mm?

TTartisan is quite stereographic too. Sharp, focuses close. My sample is reasonably well centered. The lens is a lot sharper than ef 15/2.8. With ttartisan you don't need an adapter.

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Re: Fisheyes- TT-Artisans 11mm vs Samyang 12mm?

I have the TTartisan. I'm happy with it considering what it is. Not a lens I'm going to use often. Price is good and it's built like a tank. It is actually a lot better than you might expect for the price.

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