Event video streaming

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Event video streaming

Hello everyone,

I would love your advice regarding the equipment needed for my needs! I have some know-how in the area of photo and video equipment, but I've lost touch with recent developments and products.

I need to stream live video from press conferences in different cities and locations. Power sockets are available, but internet is not. Thus I will need a 4G or 5G router, or similar capability. Carriers have decent coverage, but to be sure signal-binding is a plus.

Also, the actual device to film the event is needed. It can be mounted on a tripod, filming from a fixed position with a wide lens (24-30mm equivalent). It needs to deliver decent quality at FullHD in interior lighting conditions. The event is longer than 30 minutes, so I don't need the device to overheat.

The video needs to go live on two Facebook pages, or on one web-page + one Facebook.

Sound will come from a wireless microphone the speakers can pass on. Output will be to room speakers and to the live stream. I guess this needs some kind of mixer, besides the microphone. I will use the speakers on location.

Another thing: it all needs to be compact. It will be carried on airplane trips by a female colleague.

My budget for the whole pack is around 3000€, but it can be adjusted if needed.

Thank you in advance !

Bill Ferris
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Re: Event video streaming

I suggest you check out OBS Studio. Once you've selected your multi-camera streaming app, do a search for best webcams with that system and go from there.

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Re: Event video streaming

I would agree working with OBS.   OBS can integrate multiple inputs, has audio mixing.   (I don't know what audio out or if that's both to the streamed product or also the computers audio ports, too?)  We're using it at church off a Windows desktop for simultaneous Facebook and YouTube live streams for our services.

We've "hardwired" our cameras, and before that used I-phones and I-pads.  They ran into delays or drop outs trying to use the church wi-fi but I have no idea what systems were in place of wi-fi generations, etc.

Are you expecting a set up where the camera is close to the operator?  I think there are some distance limitations for Blutooth or Wi-Fi and if others around or maybe "congested" with multiple users in close, direct connect might be easier or more reliable?

No advice on cameras although the I phones and I pads seemed to do well, pretty sure they weren't doing full HD.  We didn't have battery problems with the tablets or phones.  Capabilities change rather quickly so newer phones may do better.  Cameras may do better with more audio support, zoom lenses, etc.

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