Gear for air shows

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Gear for air shows

I spent a week at the end of July driving a shuttle bus at the EAA Airventure here in Wisconsin. It’s a huge annual event; I carried thousands of people there, and over the course of a week I saw a lot of camera gear being carried into the event. I wasn’t able to see a lot of detail on what people were using to shoot airplanes, but one thing that struck me  was that the gear people had was 98% Canon. Those few non-Canons I saw were pretty much Nikon.  I had one passenger with a couple of a Nikon bodies and a huge medium format Fuji. I think I also saw one guy with Olympus. Didn’t see any Pentax, Sony, Panasonic. And a lot of white Canon lenses.

This year was really busy and I didn’t get a chance to talk to anyone about photographing planes. In the past I’ve had some interesting conversations and gotten some good tips.  Maybe next year I’ll go for fun instead of work one of the days and see how I do with airplanes.

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Re: Gear for air shows

I just stumbled on to your thread by accident.

Being a native of Green Bay Wi., I attended more then a few EAA fly in's back in the film days. They are awesome shows. By the time digital became of age, the EAA annual fly in just got to crowded for my taste. I have many great memories of those days.

I was using Nikon shooter back then but Canon had a tall stand/catwalk type sturcture and a tent with lots of lenses to try in a special shooting location. It was really cool for the Canon shooters.

Back then I was able to talk to one of the pilots that flew for the filming of the original "Top Gun" movie. He had flown in with the F14 that he flew in the movie. He did some cool maneuvers for picture opportunities. We experinced the SR71 landing and on display to talk to pilots also. This 2022 year was to be miltary focused, it must have been extra special for you to see. I recommend the EAA fly in to be on any photographer/hobbyist bucket list. Now retired in Florida, I settle for shots of the slow flying feathered egrets, heron's and then visiting these links.

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