Where to sit in the Sambadrome - Rio Carnival

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Where to sit in the Sambadrome - Rio Carnival

Planning for Carnival 2023 and looking to book some tickets.

Lots of confusing information about where to sit - Section 6, 7, the ground seats - A, B, C, D?

Where to sit to get the best photos? Near the judges so you might get more face-on snaps? Higher up to get the floats?

As a newbie, I'd assume that the ground 6-person booths (Frisas) would be best, and Row A (right by the parade) However, someone else was saying you get too many people walking by that aren't in the parade - and Row B, C, and D are better?

I don't have much of a zoom, would like to be close to the action, and am not a fan of going home with lots of pics of the back of peoples heads in front of me.

Can anyone who's been suggest a good location?


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