C&C Chichester (UK)

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C&C Chichester (UK)

Here are some photos that I took in Chichester (UK), any feedback or suggestions would be welcome!

Lan Veteran Member • Posts: 3,690
Re: C&C Chichester (UK)

Nice shots Sharky!

My favourite is the first one, followed by the second.

I love the strong leading lines in the first one, and the flowers provide a really good contrast with the greys of the general scene. The geometry needs a bit of work though, as the cathedral seems to be leaning away from us, and none of the horizontal lines are straight.

The first and third are obviously HDR, as there is some ghosting and an overall lack of contrast, the leaves in the trees in the top left of the first one are particularly bad (and you have an echoing bird - not sure which software you're using, but most of them have anti-ghosting features, so I'd experiment with those? The third one is also not perfectly aligned in the bottom left hand corner, either that or the darkest exposure is slightly shaken. These are all things that can be fixed. Dehaze in the ACR filter would improve the lack of contrast. There is also some sensor dust visible in the sky of the first one, but that's a quick fix with the Healing Brush.

Not sure what your views on edits are? Happy to post an edit of the first one if you're interested? I can't fix the leaves easily without you posting the original bracketed images, but the rest is doable if you're interested?

Overall nice work, which could be improved with a bit more editing

john Clinch
john Clinch Veteran Member • Posts: 4,733
Re: C&C Chichester (UK)

I quite like the first one but as above this didn’ don’t quite line up. IMHO the lamp Scottie be little more in the frame or not in at all

But plenty to like. The lines of flowers being a a high light

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