image stabilization

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image stabilization

It's interesting.

My T8i has in body movie image stabilization, but not still photo image stabilization.

I wonder why.

i got to thinking. I've got a 50mm 1.8 that doesn't have IS. I'm going to have to be real steady, or start using a tripod more.

Steve Thomas

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Re: image stabilization

As you probably know, some of the lenses have stabilization. All of them that I use have that. On the Canon lenses they will be identified as IS. I never use a tripod, but I do have to remember to avoid shaking the camera/lens even at higher shutter speeds.

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Re: image stabilization

That sort of IS isn't true IS. It's digital.

If it worked for photos it would crop them.

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Re: image stabilization

Just keep your shutter speed fast enough and you will be fine.

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Re: image stabilization

You can also use the camera at slow shutter speeds like 1/6th of a second handheld.  If you play around with it, slower shutter speeds than that (without a tripod) are possible if you brace the camera on something like a tree.

Here's an example.

Try it and see.

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Re: image stabilization


You get an awful lot of nice pictures with that camera and lens combination.

Steve Thomas

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