Canon PRO-300 & Media Configuration Tool

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Canon PRO-300 & Media Configuration Tool

I am trying to print a sample paper and the recommended Media Setting is "High Density Fine Art Paper". When I attempt to register the paper using the  LCD screen and the operation panel on the front of the printer, I cannot find the choice "High Density Art". Nor can I find any of the choices highlighted in yellow in the above screenshot from the Media Configuration Tool. I have been able to make some changes in the Media Configuration and seen those changes take effect in the LCD display - specifically I have changed the order of items in the list and I have toggled the "Show/Hide Paper" and noticed that item disappear/reappear in the list on the LCD.

My question: Does anyone know what's going on here? Or what I am doing wrong?


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Re: Canon PRO-300 & Media Configuration Tool

In case anyone is interested...

I contacted Canon support and asked them about this issue. We had a couple emails back and forth and they suggested that since the Media Configuration Tool seems to be updating the printer driver correctly, I should disable the Media check in the printer, i.e. set "Det. paper setting mismatch" to NO. Then the printer will accept the settings from the printer driver regardless of the paper setting in the printer.


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