Low Light AF - Nikon or Sony?

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Low Light AF - Nikon or Sony?

A friend is shooting Nikon gear and is lusting for Sony because "I heard Sony is good in low light".

Don't know enough about the two to give him an answer - from personal knowledge.

My experience is news shooter for years using Canon and Nikon - over a few decades. Lots of wildlife shooting, big fast glass. Film and then digital, mainly pro bodies.

Have a nice Fuji but AF with it is nowhere near the DSLR bodies. It sees more carry around street use, personal stuff.

He's young, College age and the ads and online reviewers apparently weigh heavily in what he "knows" now.

Anyone can point me to a site with actual testing and reviews?

Robert Cohen
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Re: Low Light AF - Nikon or Sony?

I'd suggest he take a look at Thom Hogan's site.  Bythom.com.  He has been looking at, using and reviewing Nikon, Canon and Sony gear for years.  Where there's something to criticize, he criticizes. He initially started following Nikon gear but he branched out and, from everything I've seen there, he calls 'em as he sees 'em.  Not anyone's fan boy.

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Re: Low Light AF - Nikon or Sony?

Normally when Sony and Nikon are compared, it's mirrorless vs mirrorless and not mirrorless vs DSLR.

I think you'd get more meaningful answers in the Nikon Z forum.

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