Gossen Multi-Pro

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Gossen Multi-Pro

I recently bought out a gentleman's entire film equipment collection. Within the nine boxes of near mint condition gear was a Gossen Multi-Pro light meter, which was top notch "back in the day". It does not function properly at the moment and I am looking for advice as to how to open it up to clean it. I cannot find any screws holding it together. Anyone have any solutions or ideas on getting it apart?

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Re: Gossen Multi-Pro

It's an electronic instrument.  If some electronic component has gone bad, I don't think opening the case or 'cleaning' it will do any good.  Maybe if the battery wire has pulled out, you could re-solder it.

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Re: Gossen Multi-Pro

If you look in the manual https://www.cameramanuals.org/flashes_meters/gossen_multi_pro.pdf  it looks like there are two screws underneath the label on the back (right above the battery compartment).  There might be more at the top also.

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Re: Gossen Multi-Pro

Ages ago I asked Gossen about repairs and the reply essentially said they could not repair old meters.

Reflecting (ha!) on it I realised it was simply a plaything of no practical value for me and just a gadget that stood between me and my photos.  So it got discarded.

Old electronics it is highly likely to be a component that has deteriorated, often a capacitor or a variable resistor.

For film hand held meters might have helped, nowadays you can take test shots so easily and examine them.

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Re: Gossen Multi-Pro

mdmarqphoto wrote:

If you look in the manual https://www.cameramanuals.org/flashes_meters/gossen_multi_pro.pdf it looks like there are two screws underneath the label on the back (right above the battery compartment). There might be more at the top also.

Well spotted.

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