Lens and Sensor Resolution

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Re: Lens and Sensor Resolution

Hi John,

I've seen some fabulously detailed prints from the Sony 24-70 f2.8 but it's a very expensive zoom and moreover a very heavy one - the lens weighs nearly a kilo and if one is doing multi-night hikes, that and the camera and tripod make for quite an addition to the pack. The Sony 24-70 f4 isn't reported to be that good. I think if I do try an A7R4, I'll be opting for just a few of the small primes that seem to be coming out in FE mount these days. They're far easier to handle when making fine adjustments on a ball head.

Enjoy whatever you decide.  if you do try an A7R4, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts....

Cheers, Rod

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Re: Lens and Sensor Resolution

Hi Rod,

If I went with Sony, I would get the 24-105mm f4, which is generally well regarded, albeit it is a G lens rather than a G Master.

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john carson

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Re: Lens and Sensor Resolution

TukTuk wrote:

robert1955 wrote:

TukTuk wrote:

robert1955 wrote:

TukTuk wrote:

Tom Schum wrote:

TukTuk wrote:

John Carson wrote:

There is talk that the new Fuji sensor could be around 40 megapixels. I have the 18-55 mm and the 55-200 mm zooms. Does anyone know if they can resolve 40 megapixels, or would I need new lenses with greater resolving power?

they can't "resolve" even 16mp sensor... but more mp will never result in less details even behind the worst lens in the universe !

Do you have a link to test data that shows this?

just go to any test site like lenstip or opticallimis ... those lenses were tested

So you cannot back up your claim as the chart tests never compare between sensor resolutions

dude - I will help you to comprehend the evident

there still is no comparison between tests with two resolutions.

Grasping at straws you are for everybody to see
again - lenses were tested on the same camera so test results are perfectly comparable

You still [refuse to]/ [do not] understand. Same lens would to be tested on cameras with different resolutions for this question.


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Re: Lens and Sensor Resolution

Here's my extremely simple method: if you can see aliasing, the lens has more resolution than the sensor.

All my lenses show aliasing. So all my lenses will benefit from a higher resolution sensor.

My eyes, on the other hand, will not.

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