Maxxum 9000 Focusing Deep

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Maxxum 9000 Focusing Deep

So, Ive got a brain bender for you today. Ive got a 9000 that Ive shot 2 rolls that came out where the focus was really deep and out from the subject. Sometimes on a subject 2-3 meters away and It was focused on trees in the background. I know the lens is good because ive used it on my 7000 for a long time with no issues. I put the lens on both cameras locking in the focus ring with some tape and it seems in the VF the focus is the same across the cameras. The only thing I could think is that the flange distance is off or something. I got a tape measure and found that the flange on the 9000 is around 1mm farther away from the film plane from the 7000. What makes no sense is if that was the case and there was an issue here you would think the distance being longer would make the focus be closer not farther, Looking for some advice on things I could check or do to adjust a distance and get my photos in focus!

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Re: Maxxum 9000 Focusing Deep

Even with shims between the body and mount , there isn't enough used for it to be 1mm out .

Just a few thou .

Is the pressure plate on the back missing ?

That would account for that difference .

If you can manual focus , and the pictures come out fine , then the focus screen is in correctly rather than being upside down .

The AF unit being out of whack would also cause focus issues , but it's the 1mm registration distance you mention that's the bit that's odd .

Check the back while it's open .

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Re: Maxxum 9000 Focusing Deep

Do you have another lens you can try?  If a different lens shoots without focus issues then I would suspect the original lens as the problem.  If a different lens has the same issue I would then suspect the 9000 body.

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