GFX + Sigma Art 85f1.4

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GFX + Sigma Art 85f1.4

Last weekend I tried the Sigma Art 85f1.4 via Steels adapter on my GFX 50s at a children's birthday. I tested various AF options like S-AF and C-AF with single point or zone, mostly with face (sometimes eye) detection. All options are a kind of 'slow' on that camera which is demanding with kids. But I was very positively surprised that when the camera with the adapter catched focus the focus accuracy was generally very good, mostly perfect, sometimes slight back focus.

I used nearly exclusively f1.4 ... f2, enclosed a few samples with 100% crops. No cropping, no vignetting compensation applied in ACR, only standard sharpening. The lens is very sharp and has very little LOCA which is great for portraits.

OP grasmuc Regular Member • Posts: 181
Re: GFX + Sigma Art 85f1.4

The lens also works great against light sources.

Btw., the last two pics were so dark in the EVF and underexposed that I saw nothing, just trusted the AF. Auto focus worked well and the GFX 50 files have so much DR, allow great shadow recovery.

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Re: GFX + Sigma Art 85f1.4

Nice pictures. Sigma should make GF lenses.

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