Sigma FPL peculiar shutter effect

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Sigma FPL peculiar shutter effect

The FPL has no mechanical shutter so images are subject to "rolling shutter effect". This image was taken using the Sigma 100-400mm lens, handheld.

The telephone pole is actually quite straight but definitely appears bent in this photo! In future I will use a tripod with telephoto lenses!!

Parameters: f8.0 1/640 sec.

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Tom Schum
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Re: Sigma FPL paculiar shutter effect

Rolling shutter with long tele is a known problem with the fp L.  I saw worse (sorry I can't remember the link to this) but your shot is a very good example.

On tripods:  You can use a flimsy lightweight easy-to-carry tripod because there is no shutter shock.  My latest one is 2.2 lb.  These might not be up to the task of supporting those large telephoto lenses though.

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