Nikon D850 Image Review with Two Cards

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DougD500 New Member • Posts: 5
Nikon D850 Image Review with Two Cards

Does anyone know if there's a way to set up the D850 to review the images off of just the primary card?  I've tried everything but can't seem to find away around having to look at all the images on both cards as I scroll through.  Thanks!

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Nikon D850
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hikerdoc Veteran Member • Posts: 3,069
Re: Nikon D850 Image Review with Two Cards

How is yours set up? When I review images it goes consecutively forward or backwards through the images on XQD/CFE then the SD card. If I want to go backwards I simply scroll backwards when I reach end of card of interest. If I want to go back in larger steps I hit the negative magnifying glass to get smaller images to scroll back or forward in larger chunks. I have never had to scroll through all the images in both cards simultaneously.

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Hugh Barstead Regular Member • Posts: 171
Re: Nikon D850 Image Review with Two Cards

You can select the playback card on the D850 by entering playback mode, pressing and holding the OK button while hitting the up arrow on the D pad.

This won’t stop you from scrolling to the next card, but provides a quick way back to the top of the selected card. Faster than scrolling back or through.

I know of no way to make the camera ignore a card altogether during playback.

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