Metadata question regarding NikonScan 4.0.2

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Metadata question regarding NikonScan 4.0.2

I'm new to digital photo manipulations but have undertaken to scan a bunch of old family 35mm color slides using a Nikon Coolscan 5000ED with batch feeder, and the NikonScan software, on a Win7 PC.

I'm getting decent results to my novice eye, but at some point in switching between the Color Positive and Kodachrome media settings, I may have failed to switch back to Kodachrome for a set of maybe 100 slides.

I don't know for sure when that happened, and I'm wondering if that setting is captured in the metadata anywhere?  I don't see it in Lightroom CC, but I don't know if all metadata is being displayed.

I'm not making any pre-scan adjustments aside from occasionally modifying analog gain because my father seemed to not get the hang of subject lighting considerations, and I don't plan to do much post-processing other than perhaps some batch auto-tune evaluations.  There are just too many slides.

Without yet having done much inspection of the questionable slides, I didn't notice obvious problems - again to my untrained eye - while reviewing a few during scanning, but I'm wondering if that media source setting is likely to have distorted colors much, so I'm looking for a way to ID the slides in question from the metadata.

I know this is old software and a pretty esoteric question, but thought I'd take a shot anyway.

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Re: Metadata question regarding NikonScan 4.0.2

Found the answer using ExifTool and the GUI.  The information IS indeed present in the metadata.

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