TZ100 (ZS100) Button Labels Worn Off

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z909 Junior Member • Posts: 26
TZ100 (ZS100) Button Labels Worn Off

The buttons on my TZ100 have worn to the point where the labels are not visible (see picture).

I've only taken just over 4000 photos and use the camera only when away on holidays, so it's quite difficult to use now.

Does anyone else have a similar problem ?

I note my older TZ35 has no similar wear at all, so it looks like Panasonic quality isn't what it once was.

What I would really like is some stencils so I could re-spray the buttons.

Panasonic ZS100
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Rambow Senior Member • Posts: 1,936
Re: TZ100 (ZS100) Button Labels Worn Off

You should have used nail polish before things got too bad.

The quality is not the same as 10-15 years ago, but nonetheless the picture obviously shows you are wearing your cameras hard, the mode dial itself has heavy signs of wear. All this, only after 4000 images.

Of course, it's great when you buy a camera and use it intensively, it's just that you'd be having a hard them reselling this camera, if you'd ever want to.

PS. Years ago when i bought my first pre-owned LX3, the camera was used so hard the mode dial guide was partially deleted, despite the camera having only 13.000 shots taken with it. Like I said, some people wear out their stuff way sooner than others.

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Jon_T Veteran Member • Posts: 5,644
Re: TZ100 (ZS100) Button Labels Worn Off

So far not yet, even with my older cameras (e.g., FZ200, etc.).

But then being aware of posts by others and the fact that the markings are just some type paint on the buttons surface, I've been doing a straight downward press rather than a swipe type press.

Long gone are the days when the button, dials, etc. controls text/ symbols were recessed.

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saudidave Senior Member • Posts: 2,540
Re: TZ100 (ZS100) Button Labels Worn Off

Dymo tape and stick on individual letters to remind you ?

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Erik Ohlson
Erik Ohlson Forum Pro • Posts: 22,380
Re: TZ100 (ZS100) Button Labels Worn Off

I've never had such a problem: I have kept my ZS25 in "A" Mode, set maximum (Sharpest on these aperture extremely short focal length, and therefor Diffraction Limited lenses.)

(AND also on -3 EV to keep from 'blowing' highlights.)

In years long past, while on a Navy ship, cameras were often stolen, but my old Leica lllf with extensive "Brassing" (Black paint worn off exposing dull yellow brass underneath, and with a lenscap I bought new, defaced with a hammer & some chemicals to take the shine off the metal, was never touched. "Urban Camouflage". True Story - I was well known as "The guy with the camera.", but thieves wanted shiny Argus C-3 type cameras to hock, I guess, not grubby old Leicas.

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kkardster Forum Pro • Posts: 10,124
Re: TZ100 (ZS100) Button Labels Worn Off

You might try printing new labels using a labeler with white-on-black tape. Trim them to fit, affix, and then paint them - including their edges - with clear nail polish. (Being careful not to glue any buttons in place!) Sealing the edges will keep air out and help prevent the labels from drying out and falling off.

For the 4-way controller, the new labels might fit outside three of the buttons where they will avoid much of the handling.

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