Fuji Branded Accessoires

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SirBisgaard New Member • Posts: 7
Fuji Branded Accessoires

Hi there!

Im new into the Fuji world after a long break from photography world.
And I was wondering if there are any Fuji branded bags for my camera.
Like the classic Cannon bags and etc.

I dont want to sound like a brand snup, but I just want the good Fuji quality.

To give some background, I am looking to acquire a lite bag to have the necessary stuff with me.
Something like: Kamerataske Mirrorless Mover 20
I also want a "sleeve"/case for my X-S10, so I can put it safe in a normal bag/suitcase.
Something like: MegaGear Fujifilm X-S10 Ultra Light Neoprene Camera Case

I hope it makes any sense, and if you think there is anything else I need as a newb please say so.

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Mark Scott Abeln
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Re: Fuji Branded Accessoires

There are a lot of Fujifilm brand bags on Amazon:


The first page is mainly for Instax cameras, but you'll just need to go to following pages.

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FrancoD Forum Pro • Posts: 16,272
Re: Fuji Branded Accessoires

I haven't seen Fujifilm branded gadget bags apart from a small one on eBay that is obviously a generic bag with that name on it.

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