Question for XP-15000 owners

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Question for XP-15000 owners

I just bought a refurbished XP-15000 from Epson's store.

It seems the gear system used in the rear paper feed's width setting mechanism is flimsy. Unless I'm very gentle the gears will make a horrid grinding sound and jump, causing the guides to be mis-aligned vs. the center of the printer. This botches the alignment of prints of course. It's fixable by applying some force and pulling the guides back (and causing gears to grind again and potentially wear out even more).

Is this a common problem or are the gears worn-down on the unit they sent me?

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Re: Question for XP-15000 owners

I would ask Epson to send you another unit.

When I have done that in the past, I have sent back my unit first so that I didn't have to give them a credit card hold.  In another case, the replacement was sent out and, then, I sent back the bad unit-again without a credit card hold.

Good luck.

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