iPhone 13 Pro Max Focus Issue

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iPhone 13 Pro Max Focus Issue


Would like to reach out to the community to see if people are having the same experience with the new iPhone 13 Pro Max. There is a focus issue at the long end.

One of the headline features of the 13 Pro Max is the new 3x telephoto lens, upgraded from the 2.5x lens of the 12 Pro Max. Was looking forward to this, especially for posting photos of surfing / sports on social media.

When I received it and tested against 12 pro max, the new phone is slower to focus as the long end! I would have thought that the newer/ faster processing etc. would increase, not decrease the speed. Obviously accurate focus is critical for this use case.

I thought this was unusual, made a quick video:

Is this sample variation? is my phone faulty? are others experiencing this issue?


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