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***PHOTO OF THE WEEK 26 Sep - 3 OCT 2021***

One photo taken with any Nikon camera - no extractions from video." The photo can be no older than two weeks from the submitted date.

- A second Nikon photo may be included with the submission, yet must be included with your original submission- no second posts.
- When posting your submission, "Reply" to the first (original) post, yet replace the title of the thread with the title of your photograph.
- This thread ends in one week at 9AM PST.
- Please include EXIF or just add date and camera type

VOTING: Anyone may vote, as many times as inspired.


Do not re-post images when commenting as it confuses voting.

No C&C on this weekly thread. Not really a "discussion" thread but a simple sharing of the two week periods shots. Please limit any discussion to simple short comments related to the photo

“In the world of photography, you get to share a captured moment with other people.”
– James Wilson

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Re: No Surf ? Then use a Kite.

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Colorful Leaves
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Went camping just N.E. of Tucson Arizona with the desire to capture
some local wildlife and was not disappointed.
After several grueling hikes in 100+ temps on the way back to the truck I spied this quite handsome rattler. Diamondbacks always put on a show and I was delighted to see it.

Testing the air

Eye level

These critters are not to be trifled with, and I was happy to have my 55-200mm lens attached to the Nikon D3300. Shooting mostly at eye-level, lying on the ground close to a 4+ foot adult rattler was nutty enough, but discerning color between light and shade was also a challenge. I counted 9 rattles on this guy, which is a lot. I'll revisit this location often and hope to get more.!

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Red Squirrels at Snaizeholm
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Went to shoot aspen color

But the sunset

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The National Gallery of Australia

Cones by Bert Flugelman (National Gallery of Australia)

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Blue Dasher Dragonfly

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New Day Rising
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Alfred Nicholas Gardens, Dandenong Ranges Victoria

I love my D7200 but haven't spend enough time in this forum.

A couple from last weekend, including probably the most photographed little boat shed in Australia (but when there, it must be done).

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