Litra Studio is Marked Down to $265

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Litra Studio is Marked Down to $265

I have 2 Litra Pros and I love that little light. I was purchasing a Light and Motion CLX10 when I searched for the Litra Studio to compare Lumens. To my surprise the Litra Studio was price dropped from $650 to $265 on Amazon! I purchased two of them right away.

I shoot a lot of weddings and I have been using the Litra Pro a lot more for a the indoor moments like getting ready, bridal suite shoots, groom getting ready etc. Also used them for receptions a lot the past 2 months.

I am huge fan of flash lighting and I use them for every wedding, but I'm loving the WYSIWYG of my Litra Pros. So I am excited about adding the Studios and the CLX10.

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Re: Litra Studio is Marked Down to $265

Both the Litra Pro and the Light and Motion CLX10 use LED elements to produce light and can be battery powered but beyond that the two lighting instruments are very, very different and produce very different quality of light.

The Litra Pro is a small, “brick” type light with a non focused wide illumination angle beam produced by an array of 60 LEDs. It is a bi-color light, and it’s maximum brightness (which is probably at around 4200K color temp) , is 1.200 lumens.

They are great little lights and certainly have a place in a lighting kit.

The Light and Motion CLX10 is a vCOB LED lighting instrument that can be used bare, with lenses to produce a focused beam, or used in a larger softbox, or with an umbrella. It’s maximum output is 10,000 lumens.

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