E6 vs C41: Rose of many colours

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E6 vs C41: Rose of many colours

A few years ago I wanted to test the differences between slide film and negative film. So I decided to photograph the same subject on both, but no test charts.

Instead I shot a white leather flower, in front of a black backdrop, and then turned all the surfaces different colours, in camera, using lighting and gels.

All photos were taken with a Bronco ETRsi using a 75mm lens, with Provia and Reala film.

I've written a blog post detailing the entire experiment, and thought the members of this forum might find it interesting. The post is here:



Steven Lungley

This is the final result. All of these images are of the same white rose against a black backdrop, shot on Provia RDP II. All the colours were achieved in camera.

Two of the samples. Provia on the left, Reala on the right.

The lighting set up used.

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Re: E6 vs C41: Rose of many colours


Looking at your Weeks:

Agfa APX400 B&W film

One of my favorites.  Also, Verichrome Pan.

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Re: E6 vs C41: Rose of many colours

Excellent article and tests. It threw me a bit as I thought you’d used hundreds of £ worth of Packfilm for the test shots until I saw the date, which explained how you were using Cibachrome

I (almost accidentally) did a much smaller scale test between Ektachrome and Fujifilm C200 ( https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/65381003 ).  Of course you’re somewhat at the mercy of the colour inversion for the scanned negative film but the colours from the E100 are much more true to life.

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