Photoshop Feedback and Adobe Community merged

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Photoshop Feedback and Adobe Community merged

I joined when it was still using Get Satisfaction. That's gone. Photoshop Feedback went to Sprinklr (Sprinklr and Get Satisfaction merged but Get Satisfaction was abandoned). Now Photoshop Feedback has left Sprinklr and is officially at Adobe Communities. I rarely posted in the old Photoshop Feedback forums.

I had some trouble finding some old posts at the merged Photoshop Feedback/Adobe Community forums.

For reference only, available until February 2022.

"On August 24th, will become read-only as we migrate top and recent content over to"

"Currently, the community on is used as a destination for customers to ask questions and engage in peer-to-peer conversations."

"Beginning August 31st, migrated content will be available on and the Adobe Community team will introduce two new modules – Ideas and Bugs – for the Photoshop ecosystem, Lightroom ecosystem, Lightroom Classic and Camera Raw and DNG. This will allow customers to report bugs and/or submit feature requests directly to the product teams. In addition to Ideas and Bugs, the Adobe Community team has reworked the layout on all the community landing pages with the goal to provide a better navigation experience for our customers."

"The goal is to provide customers with a single community destination to manage all support and engagement activities and not split our efforts between two surfaces. All the engineers, product managers, and champions from the feedback site will migrate to the community to help address feature requests and bug reports."

"Note: Not all content will be migrated from It will, however, remain available until February 2022 to allow customers to reference and/or manually migrate any content as needed."

"What content is being migrated?"

"To avoid a glut of duplicated and outdated content, we’re limiting what threads are being migrated:

All new content from the last 30 days; all past and/or active acknowledged bugs; and any ideas with the following vote thresholds:

"What happens with my post history from

If the Adobe ID (email address) matches what you’ve used to post on both sides, your history will be preserved. If it doesn’t match, or you didn’t have an account on, your content that is migrated from to will appear with a generic ID on the community.

What happens to my notifications from

Unfortunately, notifications cannot be preserved between sites. You can update your Notification and Following settings in your community account settings here:

What if on August 31st, I discover there’s a thread that wasn’t migrated that I think should have been?

While we’ve done our best to create reasonable criteria for migrating data, we know the migration processes isn’t going to be 100% perfect. Feel free to repost on the community to raise any issue or idea that you think deserves our attention."

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