Fishing vest: Threat, Menace, or...

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Jack Tingle
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Fishing vest: Threat, Menace, or...


Years ago I got a nice fishing vest to use hauling some 35mm photographic equipment around on vacation. Shortly after that the first digital cameras with zoom got really good. Vest (like new) & film cameras (used in good condition) both went into a closet.

A few days ago, grumbling over hiking with a camera bag of MFT gear, inspiration struck. A body-capped MFT camera & 2 or 3 lenses, plus batteries would fit in my old vest. 14mm to 300mm (28-600 FFe*) covered with no bag? In addition, it was a cool, damp, windy morning in the salt marsh. Another layer would be just fine.

My only regret? The game pouch on the back was hard to reach. First world problem.

*Full-frame equivalent. My 135-format gear at best covered 35-210mm, but at the time I was at 35-100mm. One MFT zoom lens now covers 28-84mm FFe.

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Re: Fishing vest: Threat, Menace, or...

A thin gillet with lots of pockets? Very useful!

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Re: Fishing vest: Threat, Menace, or...

For some reasons I usually prefer a proper bag (not a padded camera bag) for my traveling.

However a few years ago I visited Persepolis, no bag was allowed. In order not to miss the shooting opportunity of such life of the time visit (not sure would/could I visit there again), I hung GX7 with 12-35 f/2.8 over my neck, and tried every possible way to squeeze 7-14 f/4 and 45-150 f/4-5.6 inside my jacket pockets (although it is an ultra thin Gore Tex jacket, never comfit wearing it to walk under 30℃ sun for hours) together with the passport and wallet... You can imagine how difficult I was...

Back home, I looked for multi pockets vast which can carry 2~3 M43 lenses. Now I have two, one is making of mostly mesh fabric for very warm weather and one for the cooler regions... They are my standard traveling clothing (except for the very cold regions) since then.

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