Shutter slow

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Sundang Forum Member • Posts: 55
Shutter slow

I must have changed settings, as I was taking long exposure for Florescent minerals with shortwave uv.
‘Now, my shutter is so slow. Even at 1/320, and “CH.”

I don’t know what I did.
‘It seems like I’m using 1/8 of a second.

It used to be click, click click. Now, it’s click, pause, click, pause, it’s so slow.

Im pulling my hair out. What did I do?

I have a D90 that I’ve converted to IR, and I’ve been comparing the settings, but the D90’s shutter speed is high, but not the D300s.
‘I’m at a loss.

Maybe I should have said the curtain is moving slow.

‘The shutter speed is fine, but the curtain is moving like it’s at 1/2 second or 1/8th.

Nikon D300S Nikon D90
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OP Sundang Forum Member • Posts: 55
Re: Shutter slow

I did find my answer on the internet, after an exhaustive search.

It was changing the RAW setting from 14 bit to 12 bit.

Now my curtain is as fast as it was. I wish someone here had some suggestions, but no one even responded. 
‘I hope this helps someone else. I don’t know how I changed that. 
Actually, I don’t think I changed it.

OP Sundang Forum Member • Posts: 55
Re: Shutter slow

I really thought I’d get at least a little help here, but oh well.

Problem solved.

Jimusny Senior Member • Posts: 2,089
Re: Shutter slow

Sundang wrote:

I really thought I’d get at least a little help here, but oh well.

Problem solved.

My guess is no one had an answer... to me it sounded like bracketing was turned on

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philm5d Senior Member • Posts: 1,077
Re: Shutter slow

My D3X used to slow down significantly if 14 bit was set over 12 bit. I don't think you were being deliberately ignored however you confused matters by mis-describing the problem, after all it's not the shutter that is slow but the write speed to the card that slows down the interval between the exposures.

mjevans Contributing Member • Posts: 653
Re: Shutter slow

Are you sure you didn't enable exposure delay mode?


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straitouttahell Contributing Member • Posts: 672
Re: Shutter slow

As you already discovered, switching to 14 bit NEF on the D300 introduces a shutter lag, and long enough to be an annoyance to some. To me it was. I fixed the problem switching to a D700 back then.

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