Shooting around with an RP and RF 24-105 f4.0L

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Shooting around with an RP and RF 24-105 f4.0L

I just got this lens a couple of weeks ago and have been shooting around with it. I traded my EF 24-105 f4.0L ii and RF 24-105 STM and cash for it. I traded it because my EF version was sitting on a shelf. I had (and have) no complaints about the STM version, but it would be duplicative in the RF mount.

First, oh yeah, it is better than the STM version, most definitely. I can see the difference, and that is really all that matters. I suppose the UD element and the Air Sphere coating are the main reason it is better than the STM. I never had any complaints with the EF L version optically, but it is front heavy, and clumsy on my RP.

The RF version of the L lens balances really well on the RP, and though "heavy" in a relative sense (compared to the STM), it isn't bulky or front heavy. Handles very nicely.

I still have my RF 24-240 and I am keeping it. Optically, the best non-professional zoom I have ever used, super fast AF, spooky good IS, it's a keeper.

When shooting in situations where 105-240 range is unlikely (like indoors, with flash, or around the park, in the backyard with the dogs, etc.) the 24-105 zoom range and high optical performance make the RF 24-105 f4.0L my everyday, default lens.

Remember, these comments are coming from a retired guy who loves to take pictures of, well, everything, not a professional. Here are some of the results I get with it.

At the park, my daughter was cosplaying with her friends. The park pavilion had been tagged with graffiti (again) and I shot one of her standing next to some of it. 24mm, then snap the zoom into 94mm, and done. I took another photo of my son, and really was pleased with all the results.

Then, the other day in our backyard. Dogs were running around and I snapped a few casual doggie portraits. Again, I am pleased with the results.

If you have the resources and the need, this is an excellent lens to have if you want to cover this zoom range (relatively) inexpensively. Money a constraint? The STM version is my recommendation. I never had any complaints about its performance, and still don't.

At Cherokee Park, 2Cherokee4mm

Cherokee Park, 94mm


Cosplayers, with EL-100 flash

Available light, f4.0

Available light, f4.0. Dropped the exposure because he is a black dog.

Graffiti artist must be an Abstract Expressionist. Actually, pretty good, I think. I don't know which came first, the sign or the graffiti.

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Re: Shooting around with an RP and RF 24-105 f4.0L

Nice write up and photos. I loved my 24-240. Sold it recently. I got the RF 24-105mm stm as it is much lighter. No complaints about the 24-240. Agree it is a superb superzoom.

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