Drive in the Rain to SE Iceland

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Drive in the Rain to SE Iceland

Yesterday on 27 July we left the Eastfjords and drove 4 hours south on the Ring Road (all paved) to SE Iceland and the land of fire and ice. This starts the trip through South Iceland. After the weather being perfect in this area for the past ten days of course it is terrible now that we are arriving.

It was terrible weather all day and I only shot 20 shots. I started not to post because it literally rained all day. But I pulled out the 250 on a tripod and tried to salvage some shooting along the road.

By the way, the 45-100 lives on my camera in this environment.  I have barely touched the 23 on this trip.  The 45 is negated by the 45-100 because I shoot at F8 at least.  The 30 gets used some.  I abandoned the 100-200 a week ago and I made myself use the 250 yesterday.


The rental car sitting on the side of Route 1 Ring Road entering SE Iceland out of the Fjords. Raining hard on this shot.

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Re: Drive in the Rain to SE Iceland

I like the stormy atmospheric shots more than the sunny landscapes; I wouldn't mind the weather being variable.

My recollection of my trip was that at the beginning I had expected to be shooting mostly wide angle but ended up shoot more longer focal lengths because the scenery always seem more distant than I expected.

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