Canon EOS100D Shutter release cable

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Canon EOS100D Shutter release cable

Hi all

I am trying to connect a third party shutter release to my camera, for which I need a cable.

In shutter release device end, the plug is a 2.5mm jack. In the camera, it seems to be a 2.5mm jack too (still to confirm).

Would anyone know if a generic 2.5mm to 2.5mm cable should work?


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Tze Hong Forum Member • Posts: 75
Re: Canon EOS100D Shutter release cable

Hi, I believe it should work with no problems.

Kederek New Member • Posts: 22
Re: Canon EOS100D Shutter release cable

A standard 2.5mm cable release should work, but be sure it is a 3 contact plug (ie: as in a “stereo” plug, three points of contact).

Best thing to do is buy a cheaply off of ebay. They are inexpensive enough to buy a couple at a time. Technically, there are no active components in these items, it is purely a wire (three conductor) with a mechanical switch on one end and a 2.5mm plug on the other end.)

Very often with these 2.5mm plugs, upon insertion into a given receptacle, be it camera, stereo device or whatever, the last bit of insertion fails to be attained, and the last contact then misses, so too speak. Ensure the full length of the shaft of the plug is “seated” all the way in.


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