13x19 printer that clears clogs easily?

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Re: 13x19 printer that clears clogs easily?

Cariboou wrote:


from Ontario Canada the humidity today is 50% and only when the rain is on the way we go to max 70%, I used for all life Epson printer starting with R80 in the 70th just 1,5 year ago I change my R380 that never give me a problem, because was almost impossible find a ink, now I have a XP-15000 and I am very glad for quality of print and cost of Ink, always in my printer I use the original Epson Ink and never had a problems. So + one for XP-15000


I'm from the Ottawa valley area, I don't miss that humidity. Regarding the inks I think there is a supply shortage. As soon as I received the XP-15000 I looked up and ordered a full set of the extra capacity cartridges. Of the six I have only received two individually sent a week apart. So far I am impressed with the image quality from it though. I am printing through Qimage Ultimate, have for many years.

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Re: 13x19 printer that clears clogs easily?

Euell wrote:

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

At this point I don't care whether or not I get another Epson. I just need a printer that works reliably when it won't get used for weeks or months at a time. I'm just printing for my own hobby use. Windows 10.

Also considering a larger printer, but not if it develops clogs.

The generally-reported experience appears to be that, in a reasonable environment (temperature, humidity, dustiness), and using OEM ink in OEM cartridges, (1) recent models of Canon printers only very rarely develop significant clogs, and almost never develop fatal ones; and (2) Epson dye-ink printers either do not develop significant clogs or are easy enough to clear with one or two ordinary self-cleanings. Although Epson pigment-ink printers seem to have improved, I don't think many people are likely to say that a new P700 or P900 would be substantially more clog-resistant than your P600. So the options are:

* Canon iP8720 / iP8750, 13x19", 5 colors of dye ink;

* Epson XP-15000, 13x19", 6 colors of dye ink;

* Canon Pro-200, 13x19", 8 colors of dye ink;

* Canon Pro-300, 13x19", 8 colors of pigment ink plus chroma optimizer; and

* Canon Pro-1000, 17x25", 10 colors of pigment ink plus chroma optimizer.

FWIW, at home I have an Epson that uses Claria dye inks, the same basic line as the XP-15000. At times it has gone more than three months without printing. I average less than one small clog (as shown on a nozzle check) per year, and that has always cleared with one (or maybe on one occasion two) basic self-cleaning.

Have experienced no clogs with the Epson P900, but used to with the Epson 3880. Just costs ink to clean them out.

Have experienced first nozzle clog with P900 after two weeks nonuse.  Cleared with one run.

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Re: 13x19 printer that clears clogs easily?

In the early days of printing I used Epson, had too many issues with clogging. I then went to HP Dye printer this was smaller then 13x19 they stopped supporting it and kind or got out of the photoprinting. I finally went with a Canon Pro 100 about six years ago Dye printer. About 3 years ago I had open heart surgery and I did not print anything for six months. The printer just sat their looking at me. I figured I would have to do alot of cleaning and may have to replace the printer.

Well the day came that I turned it on and let it do it's cycling and then I just hit the print button. I figured what did I have to lose, it turned out a great print the first time and has been working for another 3 years without any issues. If I was you I would go out and pick up a Canon Pro 200. The few times I had some questions for Canon I called them and they helped me through whatever I needed. They also called me on their own the next day to make sure everything was still working properly. What more can you ask for.


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Re: 13x19 printer that clears clogs easily?

I've had the same pleasant experience with my Canon  Pro-100 not being used for about six months.  I have to believe that the only thing that might finish it off is when the internal waste ink pads reach their limit.

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Now considering Canon Pro-300 or Pro-1000

Looked at several printers mentioned here and ran across a review of the Pro 200 and Pro 300.  I'm leaning towards the pigment-based Pro 300 - but still a bit worried about clogging.   At least you don't have to throw away the printer if the head is too clogged to clear.

But the review then mentioned "Why get the Pro-300 when the Pro-1000 is available at not that much more?"

And so I'm thinking about it.   I don't do much printing, but then I've never been able to print that big before either.  Plus I've gotten into all kinds of new stuff since Covid shut so many things down.  Printing may be for me - who knows.

The price doesn't bother me, by the way.   I just want a good but also reliable printer that's not going to get thrown away (again - will be 3rd time) due to unsolvable clogs.

(I'll give this printer another chance to clear things this week before pulling trigger on anything.  But I tell you I just hate using expensive ink as a solvent.  I think there should be a set of cleaning cartridges one can put in or something that works without using ink.)

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