XT4 or Z5 ?!

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XT4 or Z5 ?!

Hi ,  I mainly do nature and landscape photography. Should I choose the Xt4 with 16-80 or the Z5 with 24-70 F4 ?  So an entry-level full-frame could be a better choice than one of the best APS-C ?

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Re: XT4 or Z5 ?!

That's really difficult to answer, especially for such a broad use case. The best way is to order both and return one, respectively try which you like better in a store. Personally, I prefer a full frame sensor to a cropped sensor, but the performance difference, especially at low ISO values should be hardly noticeable. Personally, I am also not a big fan of that retro design and the knobs for changing shutter speed and aperture (exposure compensation is totally useless for me). But okay, some people prefer it and that's fine. So... whatever type you are...

Considering the longevity of your choice, if you want to expand, the lifetime of lenses is far greater than that of camera bodies. So you're buying into the Fujifilm lens system or the Nikon Z lens system. Consider the prices of these lenses that you might want to buy at a later stage and which lenses are available.

Overall, holding them both in your hands, feeling them, taking shots with them, seeing the LCD and the EVF and the quality of those is kind of essential to decide. If you do that, then trust your feelings and go with what feels better for you personally.

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Re: XT4 or Z5 ?!

Both are awesome cameras. Both lenses are great.

For landscapes, I prefer the tilting screen on the Z5 over the fully articulated screen on the XT4

I have a Z6II, XS10 and XT2 which is kind of like your choices but not quite.

It is pretty even with best APS-C versus entry Z5 since the Z5 sensor is a small step behind the best full frame sensors.

I do like the good close focus capability of the Fuji 16-80.  With nature, I am always throwing in lots of wild flower shots.

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New Day Rising
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Re: XT4 or Z5 ?!

As others have suggested, both are great cameras that are capable of producing great images. Probably 99% of the time you wouldn't see any discernible difference between them, and whether you will see any real difference in the other 1% is debatable.

It does really come down to which you prefer taking into account pricing, handling, specific features, lens availability and so on. In the end, it will probably be one or two key differences that will tip the balance - whether you prefer tilting or fully articulated screen; the price of availability of one specific lens; a specific film sim (Fujifilm) or some other feature that you really want and which one has but not the other; the deal one store offers you for one camera over the other. It may be something that seems really trivial to someone else, but matters a lot to you. But only you can say what the one or two critical differences are for you.

In the end you won't go wrong either way.

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Re: XT4 or Z5 ?!

Frank152 wrote:

Hi , I mainly do nature and landscape photography. Should I choose the Xt4 with 16-80 or the Z5 with 24-70 F4 ? So an entry-level full-frame could be a better choice than one of the best APS-C ?

You have chosen two completely different cameras. I am not a fan of the buttons and dials on the X-T4, it’s too complicated for me. Many others love the X-T4 because of all the buttons and dials. The Z5 seems to produce pleasing images similar to the D750 did for me, and I’m a fan of Nikon ergonomics and the full frame sensor. It’s an easy decision for me, Z5. However, you should find a camera store and try both out before you make a decision.

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