Water Or Oil Base Haze Machine?

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Water Or Oil Base Haze Machine?

Hi folks I need some serious advice and I'm looking for responses from photographers that have actual experience on this, whether bad or good.

I purchased an Antari HZ-350 haze machine. The problem? I didn't know this thing was oil based and assumed it was water based. This is the first time I buy a haze machine and I've been using a cheap Chauvet fog machine.

Some have told me that they don't recommend using an oil base fluid machine. Others say they don't have a problem with it depending how far you place the machine from your equipment.

I don't have any DJ equipment I'm just a photographer and my sole purpose of the machine is to enhance my photography stuff with moving head beams and lasers. Someone told me that the oil base fluid might ruin my camera and lenses. Is this true??

Also the rooms that I normally rent for my photoshoots are from 1000 sqf to 6000 sqf. The small venues usually have mirrors on one entire side of the wall and they are all mostly wood floor. Are there any of you here with plenty of experience with this stuff and should I return the oil base fluid machine?

Some stores have recommended to get a FAZE machine which is the imitation of a haze machine and they are water base, BUT, one thing I have noticed ONLY by looking at a few youtube videos is that the oil base haze machine's output is much nicer and finer and the FAZE machine's output looks like half fog, half haze. But hey maybe I'm wrong.

Can you guys help?  Otherwise I won't open the machine and will return it this week and I'll be penalized $28 bucks.


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