Lowepro Truckee BP 150 LX

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Lowepro Truckee BP 150 LX

I picked up this pack a couple weeks ago and just wanted to provide some feedback in case anyone is looking for a very small and lightweight pack. To give you some background, I currently also have a Lowepro Flipside Trek BP 450 AW that I absolutely love, and I have a photography vest that I often wear in cooler weather, that can carry a good bit of gear.  The big pack is really my travel pack, or for when I'm doing very long hikes where I need to carry a lot of gear, not just photography equipment.  I find that when I'm hiking in the summer heat, I don't want a big pack, and even the lightweight vest is warmer than I like.  There are also times where I hike in places where I just don't want something so obtrusive and bulky, such as in city parks.  I'm primarily a wildlife photographer, but I do a lot of macro and landscape photography too and I often find myself just carrying my camera, birding lens, and binoculars in the heat, and forgoing my other lenses which I often end up regretting.

So, the use case I was thinking of is where I would typically carry my big birding lens attached to the camera and my binoculars, and I just wanted a tiny pack that could carry another small lens or two, maybe a water bottle, lens filters, etc.  I couldn't tell from photos how large or small the BP 150 was, it actually seemed larger than what I was looking for.

It is very small and lightweight.  I've been hiking with it in temperatures above 90 degrees F., and high humidity, and for the most part I forget I even have the pack on.  I'm typically carrying just my Tamron 24-70 f/2.8, a relatively large lens for the focal range, and either a 24mm prime or a 50mm prime, sometimes my 105mm macro.  I could fit three of those lenses in the pack, without much of anything else, the 105mm being the one that takes up the most space and has to go in the top compartment if I also am carrying the Tamron.  I can easily fit all the filters I'd ever want to bring, a water bottle, extra batteries, the usual stuff, plus still have room for other things I might bring on a day hike like a gps, snacks, and so on.  For the use case I envisioned it is working out perfectly, and I'm glad it will save my larger and more expensive pack for more serious adventures.

My back can still get warm and sweaty with the pack on in very hot temps and high humidity (I'm talking about conditions where I'd be sweating just walking with a short sleeve shirt on), but it's way more comfortable than my vest (even though it's got a mesh back) and my larger pack.  This pack only comes down a bit lower than my shoulder blades, which is another reason it stays especially comfortable in very warm weather and it makes hiking where you need to climb over obstacles, travel quickly, need to balance on rocks or logs, etc., much easier than doing the same with a larger pack.

The only small complaint I have, is that it doesn't have an abundance of small pockets.  I feel like they could have easily packed some additional pockets on the outside or inside, without adding any significant amount of weight, adding to the size, or reducing capacity.  Just some interior pockets for something like keys, a lens pen, sd cards, etc, would have been a nice touch.  As it is, I'm just dumping those in the larger pockets, and if I feel the need to be more organized, I put those things in something else like a little metal or plastic container, and then drop that in one of the larger pockets.  I wouldn't take too much off for that though, because in many cases I might prefer to have those items in a ziploc bag and then just dump that in the top compartment, so I don't have to worry about rain.

It's a great pack for more rigorous hiking in high temps, or just when you want to travel light and not have something that alerts everyone that you are carring a bunch of camera grear.  If you expect to put a big focal length lens in there or a big DSLR and a lot of other gear, that's not going to happen, but it will the pack I wear for the vast majority of my shorter hikes now.

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Re: Lowepro Truckee BP 150 LX

seemed to be a very light but very simple backpack without waterresistance, that does not have a hip-belt so you have the whole weight on the shoulders - a no-go.

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