Shutter or film advance issue?

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Shutter or film advance issue?

Wondering what this dark liner on the right side of these photos could be? I'm using a Mamiya 645 1000s with a pd prism. So the prism is actually for the older model.. But don't think that would be the issue.

This line only appears with the white background, don't know enough to really pinpoint it. Just have some ideas. Any help is appreciated! And please excuse any of the colors, I haven't corrected anything after scanning.


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Re: Shutter or film advance issue?

Due to the way the film and shutter operate, It is not caused by either.  They move across top to bottom, not side to side.   Look through the back with film insert out and shutter on bulb.  Look for some of the internal light baffling peeling away from the wall.  The image on the film is upside down and backwards so look along the left side from the rear.

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