Camera to Vlog and Livestream

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Camera to Vlog and Livestream

Hello all, am entirely novice about cameras and hoping someone may be able to help.

My wife, for her business, has been saving to buy a camera to vlog with - in particular the Canon Powershot GX Mark ii. However for business reasons she also needs to reach out into live streaming, such as twitch.

Can anyone help with the following:

1. Would people recommend the above Canon for either purpose

2. Can the above Canon do both functions?

Or, as I was wondering as a third option, would a better approach be to use a vlog camera to vlog, and just work through a mobile phone (given the improvement in cameras in phones) to live stream?

Given the difficult times, hoping to avoid having the outlay of several bits of kit whilst business has slowed down.

In advance, thank you to all for any advice/guidance/tips!

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