CFExpress pocket case?

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David Carlyon Contributing Member • Posts: 588
CFExpress pocket case?

So I've got one of those big "wallets" that holds a bunch of memory cards, but it's too bulky, and if I strap it on my belt it digs into my belly, or my arm's always brushing against it... I like to keep maybe 2 or 3 CFExpress cards on my person, ALWAYS, so I don't risk getting caught flat-footed. I've been putting them in the little coin-pocket of my jeans so they don't get mixed up and scratched up by my keys and other pocket stuff. But there's a risk of forgetting to get them when I change jeans.

So has anybody found a perfect case for just 2 or 3 CFE cards? I've been trawling the web for such a thing, and found a tiny case for 2 CF cards, but not CFE. I used to have one of those foldable reading glasses they sell at Walgreens, and maybe that case would be suitable, but I think it's like $30, and I'd just be getting it for the case.

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