Viltrox rf-ef adapter issue

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Pbrianl New Member • Posts: 7
Viltrox rf-ef adapter issue

Just a heads up to Viltrox users.

Been using my ef 100-400 L mkii for the last couple of weeks with the standard Viltrox adapter without a problem. Today I changed to this lens and the adapter would not lock onto my R6 at all. Tried several times without success. On my last attempt a very small screw fell out from somewhere, luckily it fell into my lap and I was able to find it. Tried the adapter again and it locked but would also rotate past the locking point so this small screw is a stop point. I managed to locate on the adapter where it was from and reinserted it with the aid of a magnifying glass. The adapter now locks onto the camera without a problem. 
The screw is very small, less than 1mm in size and if I had changed lenses in the field I would have been stumped. I will keep checking it from now on to make sure it remains secure. Cmon Canon get your act together and get the official adapter in stock in the UK, I am on a waiting list but suppliers cannot tell me when it will be back in stock. 😡

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Canon EOS R6
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RogerZoul Senior Member • Posts: 2,791
Re: Viltrox rf-ef adapter issue

Sorry for your pain.  Good thing  you found that screw!

When I got my R5 back on August 1, 2020, I already had one of the Viltrox adapters (the control ring version) and a Canon adapter, since I had more than two EF telephoto lenses I planned to use with my r5. Not only did the Viltrox not work (probably a firmware issue that likely could have been fixed) but it didn't fit well. There was play at the mount. And I had the Canon right there and it fit perfectly. I don't want play at the mount because the connecting parts could wear down. I sent it back and I advise people to just bit the bullet and get the Canon version.

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OP Pbrianl New Member • Posts: 7
Re: Viltrox rf-ef adapter issue

Thanks, unfortunately in the UK no one appears to have the official Canon adapter, although there are high priced ones on ebay. I have one on order and had to get the Viltrox  otherwise I could not play with my new camera. ☹️

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SteveinLouisville Contributing Member • Posts: 855
Re: Viltrox rf-ef adapter issue

I have been very fortunate. I was able to walk in to my local camera store TWICE in the last 8 months and randomly ask for an adapter and they just said" "What kind?"

Abbott Schindler Senior Member • Posts: 2,804
Re: Viltrox rf-ef adapter issue

Similar experience here. Having no camera stores within hours of where I live, I started calling brick-and-mortar stores last week and found one that had the adapter and everything else I was looking for. That store's now going to be my go-to for Canon and some other gear even though they charge a little for shipping. I'm glad to support a good B&M business.

The Control Ring Adapter (the one I wanted) is in very short supply in the U.S., with every dealer I spoke with having similar stories: Canon's not shipping anywhere near the quantities they historically have, and the stores have long waiting lists for rings and some RF lenses. Anecdotally, they also all told me that only Nikon's fulfillment is worse at this time...

johncal Contributing Member • Posts: 530
Re: Viltrox rf-ef adapter issue


Mount Adapter FC1 | Canon Online Store|Canon Online Store

Unless you want to buy right from Canon. Better buy quick.

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