Benoist Berthiot Cinestar 110mm f2

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Benoist Berthiot Cinestar 110mm f2

Here are some images taken yesterday with a Benoist Berthiot 110mm f2 Cinestar, another antique uncoated cinema projection lens.

Pretty sharp for an ancient Petzval.

This lens is on the "softer" side of the bokeh curve and does not exhibit bokeh texturing or swirl to any great degree. In many ways the bokeh character tends towards that favoured by modern lens designers and portraitists.

I originally intended to post single images, but then as I had shot them for stereokeh-o-grams, I decided to post them in that way. Many folk seemed to like the last batch of colour stereokeh, and those interested only in the drawing and resolution can look at a single pane. A "two birds, one stone" kinda thing.

The lens is a Petzval and has the usual extreme field curvature but its central sharp area extends out quite a way. There does not seem to any of the "edge fringeing" often seen with Petzvals, at least, not with these subjects.

The sharp area on this lens seems to extend further than is usual for a Petzval.

The brown blur in the lower left corner of the right pane is a bee flying into shot!

The strong field curvature has brought the blooms upper left into focus despite them being closer than the central subject.

I generally prefer lenses with strong bokeh texturing characteristics for single shot photography, but after seeing the results from the Cinestar for stereokeh, I will have to try some of my other "smoothers" for this application.

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