Lens Adapters and Infinity

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Lens Adapters and Infinity

Hey Folks

This will be a little convoluted but here it goes.

I shoot with 2 Lumix S1s (when they are working, another long story). I switched from Canon. I kept my 24-70 and 70-200 zooms. I'm using them with the 2 Sigma EOS to Leica L adapters. That's all good (except the autofocus which is useless but I Iive with it). I also have a set of excellent Nikon manual focus Ais lenses. Rather than spend  more money on 2 Nikon F to Leica L adapters, of which there weren't many to choose from when I first headed down this road, I put very reasonably priced Nikon F to EOS adapters from  Fotodiox on each Nikon lens and then use them on the Sigma EOS to L adapters.   I realize that that may have been over optimistic but it actually works perfectly well......except with my 24mm f2.0.  It will not focus all the way to infinity. In fact it's not even close. I've sent it off to be checked out. The tech says the lens is working properly and the issues lies in the adapter set up. He can adjust the lens to focus past infinity to compensate for the adapter. It will cost about what the lens cost me in the first place.

Do I have the lens adjusted or scrap the 2 adapter set up and spend money on a couple of better Nikon F to Leica L adapters, of which there still aren't so many to choose from. I did find one made by Urth. Anyone have an opinion on those? I'd never heard of the brand before. About $45 Canadian. Fotodiox also makes one for almost $200 of which I have one. It works ok but doesn't have the tightest fit.



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Re: Lens Adapters and Infinity

Don’t know where you are based but those Nikon F ( various options ) to Leica L Urth adapters are available on amazon in the uk so I assume elsewhere.

Just get one and try it out then send it back if it doesn’t work.

That’s what I have done on a number of occasions anyway.

Nirmally adapters are a little short so focus fast  infinity - you have the opposite problem.

Personally, I would never have a working lens adjusted simply because the adapter is wrong.

If you want a well toleranced adapter look to novoflex or rayqual .  I see novoflex do a nikon to Leica L

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Re: Lens Adapters and Infinity

Thank you for that. I agree. it looks like the lens is just barely getting to infinity without the adapter. So a minor adjustment may do the trick either way. Good point about the returns. I could just try one.


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Re: Lens Adapters and Infinity

I'd check the dimension of the stacked adapters and compare that to the individual model.

If the single is a millimeter shorter, it will probably work. The way you describe it, it sounds like the stack is a little too long.

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Re: Lens Adapters and Infinity

Yes good points @BBbuilder467 and yourself - looks like you may actually need a cheapo adapter or as part of your stack - they are usually short.

Dont know if K&F make that one yet but they are generally good in fit and construction and always a little bit short - I milc’d mine at typically 0.1 to 0.15 short.

Is your lens actually getting to infinity or just within the hyper focal?

Out of interest, I got a novoflex for contax to Z. The first time I used it I thought it wasn’t getting to infinity- I am used to cheap short adapters. Turned out it was spot on. All infinity hard stops on my c/y enses were exactly carried over onto the Z body.

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Re: Lens Adapters and Infinity

It's only  problem with my 24mm. I think this stuff gets more critical with wider lenses but from my tests it was so far from what the other lenses were doing I'm pretty sure the lens itself has a minor issue. My other lenses were all bang on with the stacked adapters. I tested my Fotodiox F to L adapter today with all my  Nikon lenses (except the 24 which is at service). They all focused past infinity. I'd guess this adapter is designed that way. And it is likely the stacked adapters would probably be a tad longer. I've decided to have the lens adjusted. If  it now focuses past infinity somewhat under no adapter application, i.e. on a Nikon camera it's not the end of the world. For sure that is less of an issue than not reaching infinity. I may still shop for a quality  F to L adapter. Having 2 stacked also introduces issues of compounding any slop in the fit of the mounts. Not a good thing when using a follow focus. Even my Fotodiox F to L adapter is too loose for my liking.

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