LCDs fixed/tilting/fully articulating ...

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xpatUSA Forum Pro • Posts: 19,261
LCDs fixed/tilting/fully articulating ...

What is or would be your favorite?

If you choose 'other', an explanation would help ...

I ask because I see 'tilting' most often here but I expected that fully articulating would be the most popular.

Thanks in advance ...

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12.5% 3  votes
45.8% 11  votes
fully articulated
37.5% 9  votes
4.2% 1  vote
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jande9 Senior Member • Posts: 1,605
Re: LCDs fixed/tilting/fully articulating ...

I have all three and the fully artic is just great.


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dbateman Contributing Member • Posts: 583
Re: LCDs fixed/tilting/fully articulating ...

I shot macro and close up mostly, thus tilting in axis is by far the best. Easy to frame straight on to the subject.  I also find its much easier to hold the camera.

Comparing my Olympus Em1mk1 with tilt in axis screen and earlier version of 5 axis image stabilization vs my Olympus Em5mk2 with flippy screen and newer 5 axis IBIS, so good that it can do high resolution  shot mode. The Em1mk1 I can easily hold more steady looking straight on to the subject vs the Em5mk2 where I am off center and more shakey.

Its sad that Olympus dropped the better tilting screen for the junky flippy Youtuber screen.

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applemax Regular Member • Posts: 450
Re: other


First I voted "fully articulated" but then I thought about all the cameras I have owned or handled and changed my vote to "other". Thinking about it, a fixed LCD for nomal operation with the option of remote control by smartphone or tablet using live view would be my true preference. Especially when the camera is on a tripod or attached to a device like a telescope, live-view remote control beats everything else.



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