RX100 has colored snow, lens starts extended, retracts, stays extended

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RX100 has colored snow, lens starts extended, retracts, stays extended

Without warning, my Sony RX100 seems to have a couple of issues. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix my beloved camera that seems to be on the verge of working? Any suggestions much appreciated.

1) The camera has been stuck in the extended position. Turning it on the lens retracts and then extends as if it's ready to take a picture, lens covers open.

2) After turning it on you see a full screen of colored snow. If I press the center of the dial it will show options on top of the snow. I can get rid of the snow by pressing the view photos button but then the background of the screen is blank and you don't see the photo. If you press the menu button or another key you'll see the LCD work as usual, at least the functionality.

3) Unfortunately the screen is black and doesn't focus on anything. It shows all the controls, you can rotate the knobs and the LCD works. It just never shows what the camera sees through the lens. Pressing the shutter button doesn't work.

4) Trying to turn off the camera doesn't do anything. The camera just shuts off. To get it to retract I take out the battery, press the button to turn on, and when the lens retracts fully I pull out the battery. This is how I can store the camera.

Sony RX100
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